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Kira Marie McCullough believes that the best stories are timeless reflections of eternal truths. These are the stories that capture the imagination, with courageous heroes and evil villains; stories of battles desperately fought and won. We all agree that there are classic books and great literature from the past. But a new generation of writers has rediscovered this ancient path. Here, you'll find trustworthy book reviews of these newer works at The Prosaic Pen. Are you ravenously hungry for modern short stories and flash fiction? Pull up KMM’s latest creative concoctions at Barbecue Ribs & Hot Links (with a side of chili fries and a strawberry malt, if you're not too worried about cholesterol). Do you savor the flavor of unusual phrases, and enjoy wrapping your mind around witty word play? Get out your Dictionary and get ready for A Good Word is Hard to Find. Looking for new fiction that doesn’t shock your moral sensibilities? Pull up a rocking chair and join KMM for a Texas-style, slow-cooked conversation with new American authors who are unafraid of timeless themes and ancient trails, at Sweet Tea on the Front Porch. It's all right here, for the Young at Heart. (Header credit: Side photo courtesy:

What do you do when your Christmas vacation turns into “Coffee Wars”? George is the coffee guru of the household, but when Frederick, his son, comes home from college during the holidays, there’s more brewing than just a cup of java. Find out how Frederick handles his dad’s coffee-making madness with KMM’s newly-released short story, […]

  I’ve got a sweet tooth for The Great British Baking Show. You might even say, I get a “sugar high” from watching it. For all of its typical British stuffiness, and despite its meandering pace, I’m hooked on its simple elegance and English baking traditions. While enjoying a rerun of season three, a new […]

“Bikini Summer Girl” captures the ennui of adolescence, as seen through the eyes of 13-year-old Ginger. Caught in the turmoil of her stepfamily, Ginger struggles with bullying from her stepbrothers, and the strange, new feelings of shame over her developing feminine body. It is her father’s quiet courage that brings justice, and reveals the depth […]

    In Shakespeare’s The Tempest, a sudden storm throws together two unlikely companions on a deserted island. Following a shipwreck, Trinculo, the court jester, seeks shelter on the land. He is driven towards a strange creature, appearing as a hideous and large fish. Trinculo discovers that the “fish” is actually a native islander, a […]