Kira Marie McCullough has traveled to magical lands, fought desperate battles, and met fantastical creatures.
And she has done it all while sitting down.
Sprawled on the grass beneath the delicate branches of the Olive bushes in the backyard of her Ohio home, she spent many childhood summers outdoors, reading books.
She soon began creating her own stories, which she scribbled with number 2 pencils in Big Chief notebooks (until she learned to use the electric typewriter).
Her days were filled with whimsy, imagination, creativity, and the lively hope of becoming a fiction writer.

Then, she grew up.

She went away to college, got married, and became a professional writer (which is very different from being a fiction writer). Her many jobs throughout the years have included radio news director, freelance copywriter, newspaper journalist, communications director, and magazine editor.

She tried to fit into the square box of adulthood, but the edges were annoying.

It was her three children who rescued her from the box. They helped her escape the humdrum existence of a boring grown-up life.

In the mornings at the kitchen table, Kira and her children would read together aloud the humorous tales of James Herriot’s true-life adventures as a country doctor.
While reading The Long Winter, they felt sympathy for Laura, who woke up to a dusting of snow on the bedcovers and dark days of braiding hay for fuel sticks.
Bedtime stories included The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; they would fall asleep to wistful dreams of finding the secret passage to Narnia and sipping tea with Tumnus.

Today, her children have flown away from home to follow their own dreams, taking their books with them.

Now, in the quietness of their absence, Kira Marie McCullough gets up every day and writes. With the computer in front of her, a cup of coffee by her right hand, and her “writing cat,” Kolbe, curled up beside her, she is pursuing her dream of becoming an Author for the Young at Heart.

You’ll find her latest creations here, on this website.

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